Pathway to


Pathway to Financial Stability (PFS) educates participants in sound financial practices to increase income, decrease expenses, and build assets. Our PFS services have nine pillars:

         Secure/Stable Employment
         Stable Housing
         Seeking Benefit Services

         Financial Education
         Getting Banked
         Tax Filing Assistance
         Asset Building
         Debt Management

Examples of some programs offered in this category are:

Financial Education
The Financial Education program seeks to enlighten residents on issues
relating to their money matters, such as credit, proper insurance coverage,
investments, and savings. We are a national partner with America Saves Week,
a program that stresses the importance of paying oneself first. Additionally, we
partner with local financial institutions to provide financial literacy instruction
and expertise for our participants.

Workforce Development Computer Labs
Each Operation Pathways site is equipped with a computer lab for community
use. Technology workshops, job search help, GED support, résumé writing
assistance, and interview prep are just some of the services offered by trained
instructors, partnering organizations, and Operation Pathways staff.

Pathway to Work Summer Internship Program
The Pathway to Work Internship Program is designed to provide a meaningful
work experience coupled with coursework in job readiness, career exploration,
and financial literacy to teens (age 16–19). The interns are employed by the
property management companies contracted at the properties where they
work, and report directly to the resident services coordinators assigned to
the same. The interns also report to the maintenance supervisors or property
managers who assign their daily work responsibilities. The interns work 20
hours per week in the maintenance department or management office and four
hours per week in resident services. Their work in resident services consists of
coursework in the areas of job readiness, career exploration and financial literacy.

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“I am grateful
for the services
that are
provided to
us. I took two
on budgeting
and I have
surpassed my
financial goal.”