Pathway to


Pathway to Healthier Living (PHL) promotes activities and lifestyles that
lead to physical, psychological, and emotional well-being for individuals and
communities. The PHL services will focus on eight essential areas of health
and wellness:

      Health Testing/Assessments

      Physical Fitness Activities
      Lifestyle Change/Diet
      Prevention/Safety Strategies
      Awareness/Health Education
      Stress Relief Strategies
      Emotional Well-being
      Disease Management Strategies

An example of a program offered in this category is:

Wellness Now
The Wellness Now program encourages and promotes active lifestyles by
providing regularly scheduled workshops, healthy meals, and exercise activities
for participants of all ages. Activities can include fitness education, weight
training, culinary exercises, and nutrition classes. The Wellness Now program,
developed by an external specialist in health education, was specifically
designed as a resident services program, focusing on the health needs of
individuals from low- to moderate- income households.

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“The greatest
wealth is
health and I
appreciate the
opportunity to
be part of this
cooking and
nutrition class.”